Sending a file

How do i send a file to another computer?
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simonetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use a comms program, like Windows' HyperTerminal or any other serial comms application that can handle ZModem, YModem or XModem.

In this scenario, one party calls the other using the modem. Once a connection has been established, you can send/receive files easily and fast.

Another option is to use e-mail. Depending on your e-mail client, you just send the file as an attachment. For more information on that, read the help file for your e-mail client for the specific procedures on how to add attachments to the e-mail.

Yet another, more rudimentar option is to save the file in a floppy disk or CD and send it through Fedex, UPS, US Mail, or whatever!


ftp, http, nfs, uucp, nntp, smtp, ...
Oh, now I realize this is the networking area!

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