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How do I add a related Word document VB project.  Everytime I try and add a file to the Project, it is .DOC file, it gets added as a standard module to the project.  So how can I add this Word Document to the Project Group??
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Jeremy_DConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. From the "Project" menu, choose "Add File... (Ctrl+D)"
2. Check the checkbox "Add as related document" in the lower left corner of the dialog box.
3. Select the document you want added and open it.

It's a kind of magic...


What do you mean adding .doc file to your project? if as a text than use RichTextBox to show your file in .rtf format.

cavacaspAuthor Commented:
It has nothing to do with the actual running of the project.  A have seen a lot of times if you download something from Microsoft or other places.  They have a readme file as part Project and from here you can just double click on the Readme and it will load in Notepad.  Well I wanted to do a similar thing with a Word Document.  But this document is not displayed when the program is running, what the document is, is the Program's Spec and Design Notes.
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You need to include it in your setup package, not the actual vb project.
BeedleGuis is right: when you make your distribution and installation package, you arive to an step where you can specify any additional file you have to include in the distribution list. There is where you have to put your .doc.
After target instalation, you can read or manipulate it the way you (or the final user) want.
cavacaspAuthor Commented:
No that is still not what I am looking for.  It is not to be distributed with the final EXE.  This is a programer's reference about the project for example the classes and all there properties and methods, etc.  

Microsoft's distribution of sample project usually have a readme in the Visual Basic Project that tells you the programmer and information, such as setup or installation or any changes thay may be required to use the sample.
cavacaspAuthor Commented:
You know I've been working with VB for 6 years now always with the newest version, but someone that little checkbox always slipped my attention.  Funny how things work isn't it.
It took me some months to find out too, and still, it often happens to me that I choose "Add File...", forget to check the box, and get pissed off because it's added as a module. There should simply be an "Add as related document" option in the context menu from the project explorer (hope someone at Micro$oft reads this ;-).

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