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emailing a form

I have set up a form on frontpage, but it uses a webbot, this page needs to be on tripods web site I do not know what server software they use but I need to just email this forms results to an email address I can post the html if required cheerz.
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I believe Tripod (just like Geocities) have ready-to-run mailhandling CGI-script that you can use.  therefore you can use a regular FORM and simply set the action to the right CGI script that Tripod gives you.

or... (I've been looking around at the Tripod web site) ... you can set up your Tripod site to use Frontpage extentions (like webbot).  Tripod state that you can enabled support for FrontPage extenstions.  I quote http://help.tripod.com/bin/help/B-Homepage_Building_Help/Q-Microsoft_FrontPage

Q: What are FrontPage server extensions and how do I use them at Tripod?

FrontPage server extensions are files and directories that are needed by FrontPage for it to function properly and need to be enabled by the member in order to enjoy all of the features, such as easy updating of a website, that FrontPage provides. In order to enable the FrontPage extensions you need to go to the FrontPage enabler, http://homepager.tripod.com/tools/frontpage This tool will create the necessary files and directories in your member directory. These files can be seen in your directory beginning with _vti. It is essential that you do not delete these directories, as FrontPage will not function properly without them.

then there's http://help.tripod.com/bin/help/B-Homepage_Building_Help/P-Forms_Frames_and_Tables if the FrontPage extensions idea doesn't work.  here's what they say:

Q: How do I put forms on my page?

Tripod provides a forms handler for members to use that will e-mail the results of a fill-in form to the owner of a page. For a tutorial on how to use that feature, please see the Create a Form page.

Tripod does not support member-generated CGI. Therefore, you cannot create your own form, and must use the Tripod's Create a Form.

the "Create A Form" has the URL http://homepager.tripod.com/homepager/form/
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