Marco Virus Warning

Once upon a time, I created a Word 97 file with a few macros in it. From then on, Word warns me of the possibility of marco virus and ask me if I want to enable the macros. So far, so good.

Later on, I deleted the viruses before sending the file to my colleague. However, Word keeps on warning for macro viruses even though all macros in the file have already been removed!

I try to copy the whole and paste into a fresh new file. However, I think this is foolish and may change some format settings if the original file contains floating objects or customary page setup.

Could anyone suggests me a method to let Word know that the document has already been free of macros?

Thank in advance
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bruintjeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Kentkt, think this will help you out............

WD97: Macro Virus Warning Shows When No Macros Exist in File

Hope this helps
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