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Posted on 1999-07-30
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Last Modified: 2013-12-15
Hello, I have been searching thru documents and MAN commands looking for how
to actually enable mimes.  I have talked with one of my gurus at work and
she told me to look in etc/httpd/conf/srm.conf  thus I did and I seem to
have that setup by default.  I also looked in etc/mime.types file and that
also seems to be setup by default.  but alas I get mime errors trying to
send out html formated newsgroup messages on my local campus server.

I was wondering since I so far have done nothing at all for MIME, what
do/should I do?  I am very new to this thus this being my first unix box
with Redhat 5.2 with Apache web server.  Any and all help is apprecaited! :)

Question by:Plz

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Adjusted points to 150

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ID: 1629936
What exactly are you trying to do? Enable MIME for what purpose?

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ID: 1629937
I am using a program called WebX.  It is a perl/cgi/java program that acts as a NNTP service thru newsreaders and in HTML format on my website.  I have contacted their support and they say it sounds like MIME needs to be enabled. What I do in Outlook 5.x is send an HTML style of message and all I get when it is recieved is a bunch of MIME stuff.  I have looked at SRM.conf and mime.types and they both look fine..but I really don't know what they are supposed to look like iether. ;)

let me know if you need anymore info...I will gladly give the rest of my points that I have at the time of answering this question.  I am a new member so I only have 55 points after the 150 offered.

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ID: 1629938
The following is my mime.types file in /etc  directory if this helps anyone :).

application/postscript          ps eps
application/pgp                 pgp
audio/x-aiff                    aif aifc aiff
text/plain                      asc txt
audio/ulaw                      au
video/x-msvideo                 avi
application/x-bcpio             bcpio
application/octet-stream        bin
application/x-netcdf            cdf
application/x-cpio              cpio
application/x-csh               csh
application/x-dvi               dvi
text/x-setext                   etx
application/andrew-inset        ez
image/gif                       gif
application/x-gtar              gtar
application/x-gunzip            gz
application/x-hdf               hdf
text/html                       html
image/ief                       ief
image/jpeg                      jpe jpeg jpg
application/x-latex             latex
application/x-troff-man         man
application/x-troff-me          me
application/x-mif               mif
video/quicktime                 mov qt
video/x-sgi-movie               movie
video/mpeg                      mp2 mpe mpeg mpg
application/x-troff-ms          ms
application/x-netcdf            nc
application/oda                 oda
image/x-portable-bitmap         pbm
application/pdf                 pdf
image/x-portable-graymap        pgm
application/x-chess-pgn         pgn
image/x-portable-anymap         pnm
image/x-portable-pixmap         ppm
application/postscript          ps
image/x-cmu-raster              ras
image/x-rgb                     rgb
application/x-troff             roff
application/rtf                 rtf
text/richtext                   rtx
application/x-sh                sh
application/x-shar              shar
audio/basic                     snd
application/x-wais-source       src
application/x-sv4cpio           sv4cpio
application/x-sv4crc            sv4crc
application/x-troff             t tr
application/x-tar               tar
application/x-tcl               tcl
application/x-tex               tex
application/x-texinfo           texi texinfo
image/tiff                      tif tiff
text/tab-separated-values       tsv
application/x-ustar             ustar
audio/x-wav                     wav
image/x-xbitmap                 xbm
image/x-xpixmap                 xpm
image/x-xwindowdump             xwd
application/zip                 zip

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ID: 1629939
well, i do have a /etc/mime.types too, but it has nothing to do with web-server support for mime...

if your apache httpd.conf uses an entry like:
"TypesConfig /usr/local/apache/conf/mime.types" or
"TypesConfig /etc/mime.types"

it means you are using this file for the different MIME types. otherwise the appropriate entries that would go in this file are to be found directly in httpd.conf.

anyway: you will have to register your MIME type to use it. perhaps it is already included, but if your server gives you these errors..... contact these guys from WebX again and let them give you the exact entry (like: "application/x-webx").

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ID: 1629940
Mailing with Outlook hasn't got anything to do with your WWW-server. Perhaps you shouldn't mail HTML mails anymore. There should be an option, I don't know where, to turn of HTML mailing. It's a Microsoft standard anyway, so you won't need it :)

I'll look into the HTML mail option thing, if necessary.

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looney earned 300 total points
ID: 1629941
I will tell you the answer for the points.

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ID: 1629942
Looney: yeah, right :) That's a new one.

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