finding the People loggedt to my server last?

there is a Linux command by which i can find out who all(i.e user's) had logged to my machine at what time on which terminal and if the logging was successful or not for how long etc. can some on e help me with it? i seem to have forgotten it?
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mdgreen2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The last command is what I generally use -

last -10  (shows last 10 users to logon)

last root  (shows last times root logged on)..

The output gives the tty they logged on to, time, time span they were logged on, and where they logged on from.
try "lastlog" ...
You can use the command 'who' to see all the users that are currently logged on, or you can supply it with your wtmp file (usually under /var/log) as a command line option to see all the users that have logged on to your machine in the past.
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