Play avi & sound files on my homepage

How could I play avi & sound files on my homepage, Also could I know how to hide sound and avi controls..Thanks for your great help
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messentaryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the best solution for both browsers is to use the <embed> tag.

For the avi move:

<embed src="movie.avi" height="50" width="50" autoplay="true" controller="true"></embed>
height and width are amndatory.  autoplay means the movie will start playing when the page loads (if set to true), and controller put a controller on the page for the user to stop the movie.

For sound (wav) files, use:

<embed src="sound.wav" controls="smallcoosole" height="15" width="144" loop="-1" autostart="true"></embed>

controls puts a console on the page for the user to stop the sound.( not mandatory) height and width size the console, (mandatory if you put a console on), loop controls how many times the wav will continuously play, (-1 is forever, or use any number), and autostart tells the page to start playing as soon as the page loads.  Note if you set austart to false, then add a hyperlink to start the wav, (<a href="sound.wav">) or add the console.
HESHAMAuthor Commented:
Oh, I forgot guys that would be through Netscape Please
smallcoosole should say smallconsole
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