Memory types?

I have an Aopen AX6L motherboard operating with a 66MHz bus.  I'm wanting to buy some memory for it and I'm wanting to know if I can use PC100 memeory on this board.  I assume it'll just run at 66MHz, but I want to make sure that it will work at all.  PC100 memeory is cheaper than 66MHz memeory and I would have it if I every upgraded to a 100MHz bus.
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MantatConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm not sure if it's motherboard related but there is no problem in mixing memory type. I personnaly use EDO and SDRAM and I don't have any problem. And for the PC 100 I saw a picture on a computer site where the motherboard was equip with both type of memory. So I there should not be any problem...
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