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Mac Performa 6300 Upgrade

I own a MacIntosh Performa 6300CD Power PC. I was perusing thru some magazines, ClubMac and MacZone, for Performa's upgrades to a G3 and I could find all the other Performas listed there but not my 6300. Did anybody knows if I can upgrade my G3 and if not why not?
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What do you want to upgrade about your Mac?  RAM, processor speed, VRAM?
Alas, the 6300 series is not known for its ability to be upgraded. While some manufacturers have come up with some rather clever engineering tricks to get G3 upgrade cards into some other models (such as the 6400 or 6500 series) there aren't any G3 cards for the 6300 series nor do I think there will be any time in the foreseeable future. Apple never sold enough of the 6200 or 6300 series to make an upgrade path commercially viable, plus the 6200/6300 series was never known to be a very stable platform to begin with.
There ARE upgrade options available but frankly it's not cost-effective to do any of 'em. You can swap in a motherboard from a 6360, thus giving you a 160MHz processor to replace the 100MHz processor that you currently have. (It'll also get you a 64-bit data path as opposed to your current 32-bit path.) Your video options are limited (on either motherboard) since you'll have only 1-MB VRAM and no slot to put in a card. The hard drive can be easily upgraded; any IDE drive will slip right in.
All in all, I'd advise selling your 6300 and picking up an iMac. I've seen revision A and B iMacs on eBay sell for ~$800 -- a total bargain considering where you are now.

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