Using the "FindWindow" function from the User32.dll

in my prog. , i'm trying to find in run time whether the microsoft word is running already or not, by using the "FindWindow" function from the user32.dll API.
my question is :when i use this function (FindWindow), i must insert as argument the window name i would like the function to search for.
does anynoe know the name of microsoft word, in order the function will tell me if it's already running or not.
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The name of the window is the text written in the blue title bar at the top of the window.

Note: the full title of the window may change depending on what file you have open.

Ie: Untitled - Notepad may become Myfile - Notepad where MyFile is the name of the file you have open.


Doh, Waty answered while I was writing this, oh well. Guess I'll have to learn to type faster :)
May as well post it as a comment, although I'm sure waty's answer will be correct.
Both our answer are correct stewfidgeon, mine is a link to an explanation on how to do the work.

Anyway, here is another link :

"How do I find out if a particular program is running when I don't know the entire window caption?" Ever asked that question? Then this demo Is For you! Provides a custom FindWindowPartial Function that returns the handle of the first window that matches your search criteria. You can search For window captions that start With, Or contain, any substring you wish. Perfect For apps that show both their own Name And the Name of the active document In the titlebar.

Some of the APIs used include EnumWindows, FindWindow, GetWindow, GetWindowText, IsIconic, SetForegroundWindow, ShowWindow And more.

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