Hide Drives

Can anyone has any idea or source code to hide the drives??? also if possible to block the access Read/Write/Execute???
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>hide the drives
What do you mean,
hide it in your application?
hide it in your OS? - what OS do you use?
familineAuthor Commented:
I am using W98, and I want to do it in my OS, so this include my app. If it is a way to block with read/write access it would be interesting also....

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Quick warning:

You want to be very sure before you start messing around with stuff like this. It's very easy to mess up your hard drive if you start telling it things like: Deny anyone permission to read/write/execute. Make sure you can undo any commands like that.
This question was previously discussed.  You might want to
look at the answered question 7/27 350 points Please HELp from matt_white.  



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