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I have bought Linux Redhat 5.1 from computer store.  I already follow instruction from downloaded docement from Internet for linux installation and follow until this step : - Please below

1. You are asked if you are installing to a New System or upgrading Red hat Linux 2.0 or greater……
Answer  : Install     ( Done )
2. If you are installing for the first time, you need to partition your hard disk with the free space….
Answer  : Don’t know how to do
Remarks: For your information that I have 2 HDD in my computer , First HDD for Windows and
         second is for Linux installation. Please advised.
3. What is Linux native and Linux Swap partition and how to do it ?
4. What is root partition ?

Please help me to understand step 2 until 4.

Thanks for your help

1 Solution
using the fdisk-utility that comes with redhat, delete all partitions from your second hdd.

create a partition of type 82 (linux swap) that is some mb bigger then your phisical amount of memory (ram). the linux swap partition is used like the swapfiles from windows (WinNT: pagefile.sys, Win9x: win386.swp).

create one or more partitions of type 83 (linux native). these are the partitions where you will copy your files to. like your C:, D:, E: partitions in dos.

"the" root partition is what for dos "would be" C:. it is the partition where your system boots from and where the core operating system is located. remember: in unix there are no drive letters. everythings starts from root. there may be subdirectories, where you attach other partitions, drives, media....
What gunny said is right. If you need detail information, you can go to ftp://ftp.cis.ohio-state.edu/mirror/redhat/redhat-6.0/i386/doc/rhmanual/manual/doc037.htm

There is detailed information about how to use fdisk or disk druid for partition.
the best way is installing partition magic on your windows OS then use the partition magic to make the partition.
try to partition th HD for linux into 2. one is for swap file and one for root partition.
in partition magic u can make linux file system.
after that install it.
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