if I used a JTextField, is there any way that I can limit how many characters can be inputed to the text field?  I want a max of 5 chars to be entered into the text field, and I dont want to have to check the length and pop up a dialog telling the user they've exceeded 5 chars, I just want to flat out limit it.
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moirafishConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As far as I can see, you have to extend the document model…
This one will even work if you paste in from the clipboard

define your text field:

MaxCharsField jTextField1 = new MaxCharsField(5);

where MaxCharsField & MaxCharsDocument are defined as follows:

import javax.swing.*;
import javax.swing.text.*;

public class MaxCharsField extends JTextField {
  public MaxCharsField(int maxchars) {
      MaxCharsDocument d = (MaxCharsDocument)this.getDocument();
      d.maxchars = maxchars;

  protected Document createDefaultModel() {
    return new MaxCharsDocument();

static class MaxCharsDocument extends PlainDocument {

  int maxchars;

  public void insertString(int offs, String str, AttributeSet a)
    throws BadLocationException {
    int len = this.getLength();
    if (len >= maxchars || str == null) {
    if (len + str.length() > maxchars) {
      str = str.substring(0, maxchars-len);

    super.insertString(offs, str, a);

mrquijaAuthor Commented:
Moirafish, thank you for your wonderful help.  Question, how does your class know how long to construct the textfield?  Is there anyway that I can change the width of the jtextfield to whatever I specify?

mrquijaAuthor Commented:
Nevamind, I used

super.setColumns(int width)

to do what I needed to do. Thanks again
Thanks for the points :-)

The easiest thing to do for the width is just set the column number of the JTextField..

in the constructor
public MaxCharsField(int maxchars)

this means the preferred size of the JTextField will fit maxchars characters
but since the default font of JTextField is variable font, maxchars characters doesn’t always fit the field…
eg: @@@@@ would fill a maxchars 5 field but 11111 would half fill it.

you could set the font to a fixed font such as in MaxCharsField constructor do:

Font monoFont = new Font("Monospaced", Font.PLAIN, 12);

& then the sizing seems to work better if you make maxchars+1 columns, ie.

hope you find something that works!

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