Dialog Edit Text Problem

I have created a Dialog Box with Edit text items (ID 4,5,6,7) When any item is entered I validate the reply to be within certain criteria. If the reply is outside my criteria I raise an Alert Box to re-enter the data. However when returning to the dialog box the first character of the Static text field (item 3) has been corrupted . Why?
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roovConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is usually the type of problem that happens when not setting ports. Would you like to post a snippet of your code?
Is your alert box has the same id as your dialog box ?
mogAuthor Commented:
No, the alert box  id is +1000 away
mogAuthor Commented:
Thanks roov .
Your reply to my other Dialog problem caused me to abandon my current code which was an attempt to simulate IsDigit.
I was obviously trampling all over the dailog text areas so this problem has gone away.
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