What happens when I update my HTML?

If I update my web page, upload it, and try to browse it, my browser first loads the page from its temporary files, so I see the OLD page.  I must press REFRESH to see the NEW content.  

No problem for me, but what about others who don't know to press REFRESH?  How can I force a refresh on the users' machines if the page has changed?

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The only reason you have to push "Refresh" is because your browser looks first to the its cache folder on your local hard drive rather than downloading the page again (it's just faster).

Now, someone who visits your site doesn't have any version of your page in their browser's cache folder, so the browser must download the entire page from the server (where you placed your updated files).  This is only true for people who have never (or not for awhile at least), visited your site.

If they are a frequent visitor, then you might want to create a Javascript which determines when they last visited and if the page has changed (ready made Javascripts are available at: http://www.geocities.com/~jsmaster/

I hope this helps.

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wkhaysAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the Java script links - that's what I needed.

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