I am having one 4.11 Novell server & unfortunately the Admin. password has been lost & there is no body else also as admin. equivalent.I can't reinstall the server also because 250 user accounts are existing on that server.So, I would like to know is there any other way to reset the admin. password.Pls. help me at the earliest.Thanks in advance.
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trathConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That is not ture.....

You can load SETPWD at the console or via RCONSOLE. If you use RCONSOLE, use the Transfer Files To Server option and put the file in SYS:SYSTEM.

For 3.x: LOAD [path if not in SYS:SYSTEM]SETPWD [username] [newpassword]

For 4.x: set bindery context = [context, e.g. users.pepsi]

In 4.x the change is replicated so you have access to all the other servers in the tree. And don't forget, you must follow the password requirements in SYSCON for this to work. That is, if the account you are changing normally requires a 6 character password, then you'll need to supply a 6 character password.

You can get this NLM at 

Unless someone established a backdoor, someone other than Admin with supervisor rights to [Root], you will have to call Novell Tech Support.  Thet can help you for a fee.
Had not seen that fix before, this helps much for others.  This is why I learn so much on this site (:>)

thanks trath
The other method is..

If you know the what the admin password was at the time the server was placed into the tree, you can login as supervisor /b and run setpass for admin.

nb supervisor password does not track with admin. It is set to the admin password when the server is put in the tree.

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