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How can I install windows 98 onto my harddrive so that I don't have to keep re-installing the CD whenever I want to load a new driver. Example - printer drivers/mouse/etc.
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WNEConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Copy the Win98 folder from your CD to your harddrive (Big HD recommended)
Assuming you have ample amount of space on your hard drive you can copy d:\win98 to a blank directory on your hard drive. I ususally make a directory called win98 on the hard drive and copy all the files from cdrom:\win98 to that win98 directory. The next time it asks you to insert you windows 98 cd type in the path of where the files are on your hard drive. it should keep the setting and the next time automatically run from that source but sometimes it reverts back to the originial windows setup location in which case you have to point to where it is on the hard drive.
I don't know exactly how much space it requires but is is around 150 megs
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To save a little space, you could further delete all files from this new directory you created except the ones with a .CAB extension . Not much saved space though, I'm afraid the CAB's are the bulk of it.
When you have copied the files onto your hard drive, to make it never ask for them again, you can edit the registry using RegEdit and change the following entry:

The key is:

And the value to change is SourcePath.  This is to be changed to the location you copied the files too.  So if you copied them to C:\WIN98, thats what you need to type in for the SourcePath value.

Let me know if you need any help with this.

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You Can just basically create a folder call it something like "win98" and copie the whole cd into. or you can do this and delete any irrellavent folders such as the music one etc.
I prefer a separate partition for win98 files as well as drivers needed for the other stuff in the computer.
Boot-up with the win 98 startup disk and at the A: prompt, type FDISK.
Use FDISK to create a Primary partition and an extended partition of approximately 500 megabytes( assuming you have a drive of 4 gigs or over).Use this whole partition for a logical drive.
You will be prompted to set the primary partition active, and agree.
Restart the computer with the startup disk, and format C: and then format D:
At the A: prompt, type:
  md d:\win98
and press enter.The A: prompt will appear again, then type:
  copy e:\win98 d:\win98      
make sure that the win98 CD is in the CD drive, and then press ENTER.
The directory will be copied to the D drive.
At the A: prompt, after copying is finished, go to the D drive, then the WIN98 directory, and type SETUP.
Windows will be installed and it will NEVER ask you for the WIN98 CD once you have not deleted the directory on D.
Why I prefer the separate partition, is because all downloaded( updated drivers and files can be stored there ) so that C drive can be reformatted with all the stuff ready for a new installation safe on D .
wturner1Author Commented:
Hey guys
Thanks a lot for the help!!I guess I should give the points to amanela since he responded first, but I'm not sure how to do this.Any tips?
         Thanks again
Good to see you got it going!  Get amanela to post an answer, then accept their answer.


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