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Hi friends..

I just have a doubt in data transfer from server to client..Actually if a client needs to download a file from the server it will send a request to the server then the server will transfer the file as packets to the client.. in the client side after all the packets are recieved, ie the entire file is loaded into the memory and then only the file can be run in the local machine..

The problem is if the file is so big (eg. multimedia files) it needs a lot to time to load the file from the server to client.. so using the streaming technique i heard that the file can be run while the client is recieving the packets from the server.. ie, the client will open the file with the recieved packets .. it will not wait until all the packets are recieved..

are u able to understand what i am trying to say..???

ok.. i will give an example.. if u r downloading a avi file from the server, u dont need to wait for entire downloading... if the client starts recieving the packets.. the client has to run the avi file...and simultaneously the remaining packets are loaded into client so that the end user feels like a faster access from the server... this could save a lot of time for data transfer..

anyone can help out in this..????

i want to know how streaming can be done thru MFC... u can tell me the logic also...

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axrajaAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
AVI files do not support streaming. Instead, use Advanced Streaming Format (ASF).


MFC does not provide anything about streaming. Look into DirectShow in DirectX Media SDK. You probably just need to incorporate the Windows Media Player Control into your application.

axrajaAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for your information chensu.. but i dont want microsoft's format and all.. I need the technique or logic, that how to do streaming for our own formatted files...

I just want to know how to code for streaming...??
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