How to write a Tuck in for a App

Hi All,

I am new to MFC and GUI,mostly worked on Java,so pls help out with MFC code.

Do u guys know the Microsoft Office Short Cut Bar?
the Start--->Settings--->Taskbar  ---. Auto hide feature

Well when u move the mouse over a particular region then that pops up and occupies a area which is pre defined.

Well my job is to do just that ,but for a application which is a subset of a Web Browser!

I think i will be posting queries here abt this App many more times and will go on asking questions as they become clearer to me!

Pls advice me.

Thanx in advance,
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chensuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is called an application desktop toolbar (also called an appbar).

1. The Platform SDK documentation.

Application Desktop Toolbars

2. Microsoft KB articles.

SAMPLE: Appbar.exe - Creating an Application Desktop Toolbar

PRB: App Desktop Toolbars Must Have WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW

3. An article at CodeGuru.

Application Desktop Toolbar (Appbar)
mbormannAuthor Commented:
Guys ,

what is the correct tech term so I can search on the Web?

mbormannAuthor Commented:
Excellent man Beautiful.
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