Is it really a 28.8?

I have a crappy 28.8 modem right now, but I see that it's upload/download speed is about 1.24 to 2.50 kb/s. The fastest I've ever seen it was at a "blazing" speed of about 5.21 kb/s. Why is it that way, I mean why can't it actually go at speeds of at least 20 kb/s, or it's max of 28.8 kb/s??? Is there a way to increase it's speed?
 Oh well, thanks a lot, I've been wondering about this for a long time.
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ben82584Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes it is.  You are actually downloading at a good speed for 28.8.  My 56k only gets about 4.1 kb/s when downloading.  Just remember, the download speed depends on two things, the rate of users at a site, and your connection.  If you connect to a server, you count the fact you may be re routed throught several different ones, and slowed down, don't worry though.  Just use and enjoy, you haven't been ripped off, and if you should want faster, a 56k modem is not very expensive, especially if you buy at an online auction.  Hope this helped.
You have two issues.  

1) Is it really a 28.8 modem?  Probably under iseal consitions.  

2)Don't confuse modem speed with download speed or internet connect speed.  The speed of a download is controllled more by the server you are downloading from and the load on it at the moment.  I use a 33.6 and am plesed by approx. 3kbs.  At my ISPs main office, they expect 2.8 to 3.1 as an average download speed on their machines when connected to the general web. The actual speed of the internet connection is determined by the quality of the phone lines and switches and the load on the ISP server.
You are wondering at the downlad showing 1.2-2.5 kbs.
Well this is kilo BYTES per second.Now let us see how this compares to the actual speed of the modem.
If the modem is rated at 28.8k, this is 28.8 kilo BITS per second. Since 8 bits make a byte, and in communication between two modems, there is normally 1 bit extra at the start of the information being sent and 1 bit extra at the end, then it can safely be calculated that on the Internet, to compare the modem speed to the actual speed shown when downloading, Multiply the speed shown by 10.
Therefore for the first line, your download is 12-25 kilo BITS per second.
A 28.8k modem will hardly show above 2.8kbs even under ideal conditions.
ben82584-Is there an echo in here?
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