VB DLLs and VB programs

How i can call (access to) any dll made with VB 6.0 from my program also made with VB 6.0? For example, i write any dll for geting mp3 information from specify file. Now, how i can call that dll - input is specify file - from my program and then back me any information (mp3 tags and etc.).
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ScottyMacConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To access a dll (ActiveX Component) created in VB6, you must, in your VB6 frontend code, create an instance of the class that you want to use.  Then you can use the class's properties and methods to achive what you want.

Private mcCustomer as CCustomer
Set mcCustomer = New CCustomer

Now you can use the methods held in the CCustomer class.
Create your DLL with appropriate
public variables, or methods.

Go to Menu Project REferences and select your DLL.

Then in your Code.
Dim Poo as New MyClass
Poo.FileName = App.path & "\myMpeg.mpg"
msgbox poo.LengthInSecs

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