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Copying a disk in Redhat 6.0

I want to make a backup copy of my boot disk. How do I do it in X? From a shell prompt? Is it the same for MSDos diskettes as for Linux native diskettes?
1 Solution
dd bs=1024 count=n if=dev/hdxx of=target

where n is the size of the disk in bytes devided by 1024
      hdxx is you partition or disk, like hda or hda1 or sda, etc.
and target is any device or file.
See man dd for details.
tinczeAuthor Commented:
Is there any way to do it from X-windows? I'm using Gnome/Enlightenment.
You have to run as root to do this.

Insert your original boot disk.

Run an X terminal and write inside it:
> su -
# dd if=/dev/fd0 of=/tmp/bootimage.img bs=1024

Now insert the target diskette. To format it:( if it is not formatted)

# fdformat /dev/fd0

Now type the second dd command:

# dd if=/tmp/bootimage.img of=/dev/fd0 bs=1024

That's it.
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