Desktop bigger than monitor screen.

I just installed Red Hat 6.0. I have a Intel Celeron 400 mhz, 64 megs RAM, SIS 5513 video with 8 megs shared memory. I installed the software using generic drives (SVGA). My X windows automatically boots up. When I sign in the Desktop is larger than my monitor screen. I am unable to exit X windows so I can try and either run X86CONFIG or edit the Config file. Anyone have any suggestions?
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arunks080299Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you don't want a x-windows login prompt then you can do following
1. go to /etc
2. change the configuration in "inittab" file
   id:3:initdefault instead of id:5:initdefault
3. Never try to put value 0 or 6, you may have serious trouble.
4. Now you can change the configuration using XF86Setup. I feel it is better than XF86Config

Good Luck.
Have a nice computing. :-)

If you cannot exit X windows, drop to a virtual console using Ctrl-Alt-F1, log in as root and edit your /etc/X11/XF86Config file.

Look for lines that sprcify the virtual screen size - you'll find them in the display section - and comment them out.

Go back to X using Ctrl-Alt-F7 and do Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to restart X using the new config.

You should always be able to exit X windows.

If all else fails, there's a panic button - CTRL-ALT-Backspace. However, if this is running off xdm, X will be respawned again. To get a console, simple switch VTs to a text-mode console. You did leave those in /etc/inittab, didn't you?

Press CTRL-ALT-F2 to go to a text-mode console.
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