Grid Control Question from a newbie...

Hello MFC Gurus out there.
I had a question regarding grid controls/List control/List view.
I have the following objectives to achieve.
1. I have to show a list of daily transactions in a list (an MDI child with a list control for example).
2. The details of the listed transactions must be available in the same window by double clicking the row. Like a tree control the list item expands showing more details lines and must close up on double clicking again.
3. Preferably would like to have resizeable columns like the list control
4. Must be able to bind the control to database columns which means the control will be able to handle it's own population
5. Must be able to handle it's own printing.

I am looking for a grid control that can do all or most of the above. I haven't actually used any grid controls in any projects. I have read whitepapers by the various grid control vendors and none of them talk about multiline list items.

Can anyone please tell me how I can reach the above five objectives or could you please point me in the right direction about which 3rd party controls offer those abilities? Any response appreciated.

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lakshminarasimmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Probably you can try the stingsoft Objective Grid or the Farpoint Software's Spread control. These two more or less satisfy your requirements. You can also search for a tree list control in
ashwinbAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 200
Tre the Grid Control by Chris Maunder in in the Controls section.
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ashwinbAuthor Commented:
I think I've gone through the feature list. It doesn't support the multiline subitem feature. I need to have the "doubleclick-expand, doubleclick-collapse" ability.
Or am I looking in the wrong place?
  Stay at codeguru, do a search for "treelist".

-=- James.
ashwinbAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the pointers James and Luis!
Some of my colleagues have written such a control (Like the tree list) in VB. They use a tree and a list control but
hide the tree. There is an extra column with a bitmap of
an arrow pointing right or down. The bitmaps are changed depending on whether the row is expanded or collapsed (which is actually a node of the tree expanding or collapsing).
This is fine for small amounts of data. What if I have to show, say, 6000 rows or more each in 4 or 5 MDI child windows? Won't the tree control add to a lot of bulk?
Is there a Grid control with the native ability to do this?

Chris Maunder wrote to me pointing me to Allan Neilson's SuperGrid.
( I liked both the supergrid and the tree list. But my main problem is handling data!!


  Written in VB, then yes, it is going to be overly bulkly, none to effecient at handling strings, and most likely a bit slow.  

   Also consider that if you are going to be handling large amounts of data...  Then you are *going to be handling* large amounts of data!  You cannot download a 1MB file without using 1MB of space somewhere...!

-=- James.
ashwinbAuthor Commented:
Thank you for responding.  We are already using RogueWave DBTools and we have been evaluating Objective Grid, Lite and Pro. (Pro is quite expensive since it is compatible with DBTools.h++ libraries).  We tried the farpoint Spread too. We've decided to go with a regular grid and manually add and remove (or hide and show) lines when we need details. It's going to be an extra programming effort (in addition to being a little kludgy design wise) but we seem to have no other choice.

There's an in-house version of a reporting tool available that natively does the expand and collapse thingie but doesn't have "cool" features of a grid control. :)
I might go in for that to save some money maybe!

Thanks guys.
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