Prevent Redhat from Booting into GUI!

I´ve installed redhat6,and configured it to boot into the GUI.It seemed that I forgot to disable the Virtual Desktop,leaving me with a superbig Desktop.Now to change this I tried to edit the XF86config file,it seems I did it wrong though.It says something about GPM was already started.Well after this I ran XF86configurator and made a new XF86config file,but I choosed the wrong options,cause now when booting it tries to start the login GUI,but I only get a black screen.So how can I prevent it from going into the GUI,so that I can reconfigure the XF86config file?

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HalldorGConnect With a Mentor Commented:
change the /etc/inittab

line that says
Note that CTRL-ALT-F2 gives you a console screen
fahlisAuthor Commented:
Thanks halldorG!

But I solved it by reinstall it all,I had not installed
so many apps etc,so it was an easy choice.
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