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Boot up problems

I just went out and purchased a brand new FIC VA-503+ motherboard -- when I try to start the machine it goes through the POST and it hangs on  "Verifying DMI Pool Data ....."   any idea what may cause this?  

Thanks in advance
1 Solution
without more info, I would pull all cards except video and try the boot, if you can get into the bios, set it to default and try it from there

Probably command.com corrupt.  try copying the file from another computer and bootup
There are a number of cures for this Verifiying DMI Pool Data
Cure No. 1 - Put a boot disk in a drive that has: FDISK.EXE, FORMAT.COM AND
                   SYS.COM on it, turn you computer off and then turn it on, if it
                   gets past DMI freeze up and finds A:\ drive, type:
                   FDISK\MBR and press enter,   Next type: SYS C: and press enter.

If your motherboard will not go past VERIFYING DMI POOL DATA with the
floppy in the drive you have to use Cure No. 2

Cure No. 2 - Look in your motherboard manual and find out where the Jumper is
                  located that will clear the CMOS.  Turn off your computer and with
                  the power off clear your CMOS.  Turn the computer back on,
                  go into CMOS setup and select SETUP DEFAULTS and save your                   settings before exiting setup.  Re-boot your computer.  Go into
                  CMOS setup one more time and AUTO SELECT YOUR HARD
                  DRIVE.  If the computer is able to select he hard drive you are
                  home free, and it will work. If it cannot auto select the hard drive
                 and the hard drive is good, send the motherboard for a replacement.


In answer to your question: "Any Idea what may cause this?"
The Motherboard experts claim that it is a bug in the BIOS of some
motherboards, but all of them are in agreement as to how to solve the
problem and it is just as I have outlined for you above.
rj_bAuthor Commented:
Thanks satwa -- didn't work but I'm still going to give you the points -- found out the motherboard had a faulty bios chip and a couple other components on it -- i had it refunded and purchased a different one
Thank You.
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