PPPd connection problem

Hi. I cannot connect to ISP. Kppp detects my modem, then I dial up ISP's number, after terminal window comes up, I enter login ID, password, click continue and nothing goes further. Error msg states that connection terminated due timeout, waiting for ppp interface to come up,ERROR 15. In log window I see those guarbige letters,in title bar - starting pppd. In task manager I see that PPPD process starts, then, after timeout value, it of course, terminates.
Can anyone explain what's wrong with this?, why this PPP interface does not come up? ANd how can I solve this problem? (i tried to send "enter" when i used script, but still get the same error, and pppd anyway starts after this)
In NT i use terminal window as well but after garbage letters i press done (on term window) and everything is ok.
When I checked pppstatistics i noticed that my comp transmits some packets but does not receive any.
I use OpenLinux 2.2.
Thank you in advance
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leolaraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Same thing happened to me until I gave up and start running wvdial, a small program that works very well. It´s available at alternex.linuxberg.com
mazaiiAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Does the following work ? :

(you have to be root)

load up minicom by typing "minicom" in your terminal window.

type atdt (your isps phone no.)

enter your login details

press "alt-q" or "ctrl-q" to quit out of minicom.

type "pppd -d -detach (the path to your modem device) 38400 &

and then everything should work. Does it ?
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mazaiiAuthor Commented:
Thank for advice, Gravity, but unfortunately i do not have minicom on my system, though i tried with seyon app. still just does not want to connect. I have no idea why ppp interface does not come up. I noticed on my NT(when i dialed
to ISP) wins database registers IP which was assigned by ISP.? so i tried some arguments with pppd - no sign of movement any further.
Ok, thank anyway for the advice.
If you're still interested in seeing if you can physically dial in to your isp, you can get minicom @ :

mazaiiAuthor Commented:
No minicom, wvdial worked.
I've found ppp-on script,changed variables and it worked(with my former ISP...), now i have another problem, with my new ISP. Even this script does not work for me anymore
I posted another question
Thank you all
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