Maximum Number Of Windows

It is my understanding that Windows 95/98 allow a maximum of 255 windows on the screen. Perhaps this is child windows. I'm not sure.

Either way, how can I increase this maximum value. Is there a registry entry?
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dew_associatesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Flfmdll, indeed you are correct, 255 is the limit, but this isn't controlled in the regsitry, it is controlled in the Win 32 API interface code.
Hey Dew, (sounds like the song Hey Jude eh? :))) ) err, although it would be something that won't happen (the 255 simultaneous windows), what do you think is the reason for them programmers to almost always use 255 as the cap for almost everything? Like in dos prompts, the max number of characters is 255, the long filenames, 255... what's with 255!!??? :))

Femson, although Win98 has 32Bit capability, it is still tied to 16Bit that's needed to run Dos based applications and thus 8.3 file names. Dos architecture has a 255 character limit. If this is removed, such as what will occur as OS's move to 64Bit, Dos apps will no longer run.
flfmdllAuthor Commented:
Okay. Back to design for my application.
Earlier versions of Windows ran out of available windows alot.  256 = 2 ^ 8 or 0 to 255 if all windows were indexable via an array.  Keep in mind, windows are not just windows, they can be anything derived from the mfc window object.
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