OAS Installation Problems

I have installed Oracle 8.0.5 and Oracle Application Server4. The Node Manager listener has started. But website or other listeners could not be started. It gives the message CORBA ORB processes cannot be started.

    But I can intall PLSQL Catridges.
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mshaikhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oracle Application Server can not start the CORBA orb process because it can't find the host IP address. Make sure that your machine is connected to the network. Also make sure that the machine's IP address is unique. If you are connected to the network and your IP address is OK, then add a fully qualified hostname.domain to your local
hosts file.

Another reason for the OWS-20214 error could be because you have incorrectly entered the IP address not the host name when prompted during install. If this is the cause of the failure then de-install OAS and re-install making sure that
you use the fully qualified hostname.domainname when prompted not the machine's IP address.

fredericmoniAuthor Commented:

Mr mshaikh,

    Thank you for your responding.

Actually I have installed OAS in my Windows NT server 4.0. In that server itself I went to the
OAS manager. There only I started some orb processes. The following error message has shown.

      Oracle Application Server

      Please wait while the command is being processed on host gssnts2...
      starting ORB processes...
      Returning filename E:\orant\orb\admin\.event
      waiting for ORB to be ready...
      ORB is not responding. Please restart manually...
      OWS-20214 : The OAS processes cannot eb started,because the CORBA orb processes can not         be started.

Please help me to solve this problem.
Check to make sure that your machine is recognised by the DNS server.  From the command prompt
   issue the following command
   nslookup oashost.yourdomain.com

   Here is an example reply...

   Server:  dns.yourdomain.com

   Name:    oashost.yourdomain.com

   Here is an example if oashost is unknown to dns server dns

   $ nslookup oashost.yourdomain.com

   Server:  dns.yourdomain.com

*** dns.yourdomain.com can't find oashost.yourdomain.com: Non-existent host/domain

This message indicates that you have found the DNS server but that server does not have a translation for the hostname.  If the nslookup does not find the DNS server check the IP address for the DNS machine in your oasjost's TCPIP configuration.

If the command found the DNS server but failed to find your hostname, then register the machine with the DNS server. Make sure your IP address is unique and register your IP address and name with the DNS server administration.
If you don't know your IP address contact your network administrator.

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