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Help my SCO Unix crashed!

My HD crashed and I need help getting up and running again?
My SCO Openserver is version 5.0.2 and it is in CD format.
How do boot up and format the new HD installed for SCO?
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woody1017Author Commented:
Is your license a Fresh Install license or is it an Upgrade license? Chances are you won't be able to tell by looking at the certificate. If you don't know, you will need to call SCO Licensing and they will be able to tell you.

Assuming your license is a Fresh Install license, you need to insert you 5.0.2 boot diskette and start the system. You will be prompted for you licensing information and the for the CD. Once the CD loads, you will asked a series of questions concerning the configuration of your system. Towards the end, you will be given an opportunity to divvy up the disk into file systems. Great care must be given as an incorrectly configured file system will adversly affect your system performance - maybe even not allow it to boot at all.

There are a number of issues I didn't even get into because of the depth of these issues. Like, do you need to load any BTLDs (Boot Time Loadable Drivers) to support any hardware not directly supported by the OS? Adding users and restoring data. Adding additional devices not included in the Fresh Install. Tuning the Kernel for maximum performance. There are a number of 5.0.2 patches that need to be loaded. 5.0.2 IS NOT Y2K compliant. 5.0.4 is Y2K compliant but there are serveral patches that need to be installed to make it so.

I realize this is not much of an answer, but what you are asking is quite a bit to write out in this forum. BUT:

1. Find and load your 5.0.2 boot floppy.
2. Enter your license info when prompted.
3. Insert your CD when prompted.
4. Configure your file systems.

If these steps are done correctly, you should have a running system.

Good Luck
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