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I am writting a vb program in which users are allowed to access files and modify them through word.  One of the "services" I want to provide is information about that file, like exactly what is displayed in windows explorer when a user right clicks properties|Statistics on a particular file.  I am familiar with the FileDateTime and GetFileAttr functions, however I need something more, like who accessed when and an explicit creation date.  I want to retrive this information and display it through my program.  Can anyone help?
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srirambmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
u need to use the filesystemobject

To access u need to reference the Miscrosoft  Scripting
Runtime SCRRUN.DLL, if u dont have it u may have to
download the windows scripting host from micorsoft site.

Here is the code to get the info:

Dim fso As New FileSystemObject
Dim f As File
Set f = fso.GetFile("<your file name>")

Debug.Print f.DateCreated
Debug.Print f.DateLastAccessed
Debug.Print f.DateLastModified

u can also copy /delete and do a lot of other
things with this.
ern314Author Commented:
Edited text of question.
ern314Author Commented:
Hey srirambm, I know it has been awhile sorry for the delay.  Anyway this object works great, my only question is is there a way to also list who modified the document, the revision no. and the total editing time.  I figured that those capabilities would be included in this object.  But they don't seem to be, am I looking in the wrong place or is this all of the information that this object can get?  
the information u ask is stored internal to the word document. If u need it, u have to use automation to open
the word document and read it from the file. Everytime
you do this word will open without the user interface and
will slow the whole system down. is this what you want ?

The fso cannot provide you with the other info u ask.
ern314Author Commented:
Thank you much srirambm, you have been very helpful.  The points are yours, again sorry for the delay.
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