win 98 vs 95

Does windows 98 use more ram than win95 does? I seem to use alot of ram with 98 / i can only open a few programs with 98 . With 95 I use to be able to open alot without any slowing down my system
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rayt333Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes Win98 does use more memory then Win95.The minimum amout of memory (Ram) is double for Win98 over Win95.
So it is safe to sayWin98 is a memory hog
This is not all bad however, maybe Win98 uses more memory but it is more stable over a longer period of time, overall it is a much better OS.
Memory is cheap so don't let that turn you off to Win98, it works best with at least 64MB ram and more is even better
rigellAuthor Commented:
I have 128meg ram/ anything else i can do to free up space ?
Keep your drive(s) regualrly defragged, delete unused/old software, keep your temp directory free of *.tmp files will help.
If you leave Active Desktop off, you will find that Win98 is almost no slower than Windows 95, and *faster* than Windows 95 with IE4/IE5 installed. But thats only because you have 128MB of RAM.
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