serial port problem

I am getting the following message when I am at the consile:
"S1: respawning too fast, disbled for 5 minutes" What is the problem ? (I am using Slackware 4)
and how do I solve it?
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LorenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As mnw21 said, looking at the inittab would be useful, but I'm fairly sure of what the jist of the problem is as I have seen similar problems before.  It sounds like your inittab entry with the id of 'S1' (the 2 character identifier before the first colon on a line) which has been told to respawn (when it dies: usually used for getty) is dying very quickly and causing very rapid and repetitive respawns.  Such short-lived getty processes are almost always caused by an error during startup, either because of a hardware problem, a system configuration problem, or some other little quirk.  'init' is trying to save you a headache by pausing the respawn for a few minutes, so as to not suck up 100% of CPU time while giving you (the admin) a chance to fix the problem.  By the id of the inittab entry I'm guessing it's the getty process for either /dev/ttyS0 or /dev/ttyS1.  Most often you should not need getty running on your serial ports unless you 1) have a dumb terminal pulged into it and plan to log in from there, or 2) have a modem (in answer mode) there and plan on dialing in via modem.  In most other cases the S1 entry can be commented out by preceding it with a hash sign '#'.

Hope that helps.
Could you post your /etc/inittab file here please?

It looks like there is a line in that file that isn't quite right.
Sounds like a reasonable analysis, and a very good explanation.
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