How to get CPU ID?

How to get the CPU ID and display it in a text control when I started my VC++ program?

Notice the CPU ID I mean here is like the host ID in UNIX which was generated with the command "hostid".

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jhattinghConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no such id. If you want to protect software or generate a unique ID, use the volume serial number:

      char lpszVolumeName[255];
      char lpszFileSystemName[255];
      DWORD dwFlags=0, dwSerialNo = 0;
      LPCTSTR lpszPath = "C:\\";
      DWORD dwMaxLength=0;

      if (GetVolumeInformation("C:\\", lpszVolumeName, 255, &dwSerialNo, &dwMaxLength, &dwFlags, lpszFileSystemName, 255))
            m_strSerialNo.Format("Serial No:\n%d", dwSerialNo);
There is no such ID in windows.  If you are on a network, the network card has a unique ID.
you can also get the hard drive Id.  This is often used for seding the random number generator, or generating a unique user Id.  Perhpas you could tell us what you are trying to achieve?
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You can use the IP address of the machine if you are on a network and convert that to a hexadecimal number.
It think the best approach to use is to generate a
CLSID for each machine. You can put it somewhere in the registry. The CLSID will ensure uniqueness because it based on a OSF DCE algorithm.
phillipluAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much!
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