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Can someone explain which type of display is best for a laptop?  What is TFT?   Is it any good?
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Glad to be of assistance
Today there is DSTN and TFT. TFT is more expensive, has a lot more clear picture, and a wide viewing-angle. TFT is more like a CRT. DSTN is just like any other LCD display.
TFT is more commonly called "ACTIVE MATRIX" by marketeers.  TFT stands for "Thin Film Transistor" and tiny transistors which control the on/off state of each individual pixel (or picture element) on the screen is actually formed onto the glass of the display.  This give the ultimate control over the screen and makes turning on/off each pixel very fast and positive.  In other words, you get a very bright and clear image that updates quickly.

DSTN is often called "PASSIVE MATRIX" or "Dual Scan".  Here, the display pixels are arranged on row on column drivers and are driven from the edges of the display.  It saves money in the manufacturing process but the drawback is that each line must be scanned individually.  The drawbacks are that it's slow.  You see this a "cursor submarining" where the cursor will tend to disappear as you move it across the screen.  Popup menus seem to be slow and any fast moving image tends to blur.  They are also much less bright and are harder to read.

TFT is the best and if you can afford a laptop with one, go with it.  DSTN is a poor second.  Try looking at a DSTN display side-by-side with a TFT display and you'll see the difference.  Biggest drawback to TFT is the significant;y higher cost, but it's worth it in my opinion.
inoknotAuthor Commented:
While the information is helpful, I'd feel badly about giving the points for this answer when the comment provides much more info.  Would jhance please resubmit in answer format so the points can be given to you?  Should this not happen in the next few days, I'll give them to MortenL, with thanks to all who helped.
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