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Clock loose time

Clock loose time, the battery was replaced, same problem,the clock retard of appx 5 minutes per hours while the computer is running, when closed, the same thing happen.
Mistery ?. Jacques
1 Solution
Not a battery problem
the clock feeds from system timer - it has a quartz chip on the board, and keeps running aslo when the computer is turned off - on BIOS battery.
I figure out that happened 1 of 2 things :
1) your hardware got a problem - could be overheating a simple resistor or a chip, that is enough (I doubt that quartz tends to change its pulse due to overheating).
2) a BIOS clock is a program - and it has data on how much to divide quartz signals, and if you flashed your BIOS with a wrong type, I suppose it can happen.
for the second answer - you can flash the BIOS correcty.
for the first - well...either get used to it, or change a motherboard, or - if you're microchip engineer - you may try to change needed parts - I only know they are grouped in BIOS area on the motherboard.
check your System Resources. if they are low it may provide a clue. a Microsoft tech told me that win 98 allocates resources to those components that need it the most. if the internet needs more resources win 98 is designed to divert resources from less needy apps ( like the clock ) to those apps needing more. check s. resources while running nothing than start the net. some isp's like AOL will gobble 30 to 40% of system resources. the more demanding the apps the slower your clock. your clock slows when not in use because of background apps still running, like antivirus etc. free up as much Windows System Resources as possible
jacrousAuthor Commented:
Flashed the bios and all seems OK now.Thanks Jacques

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