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error on a "close(sd)"??????????

hi, im trying to close a socket but the computer is sending me a signal :SIGTTOU..
and doesn't close the socket...
do anybody know this signal?
please tell me what to do..
tnx ahead
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elfieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are running your program in background (started with &)
and the controlling shell is blocking io comming from a child process.

To solve it either disconnect from the controlling terminal, and reopen stdin,out and err,


redirect input, output error towards a file,

or use the 'nohup' program in front of your program
(nohup program params)

or find the stty setting the block your child IO commands
'SIGTTOU' is POSIX: 'Background write to tty'. There seems to be an error message, check the system log files...
Isn't that basically en elaboration on my comment ;-) ?
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just providing 'some' possible solution.

(why do have to check system logs files ??)
yaronlivAuthor Commented:
elfie, please send me a simple code that, redirect my error
input or output.
sorry for the late responce

when running ksh

program > output 2> err_output.

when you want output and error output in the same file you can use

program > output 2>&1
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