Need access to IE object model from out-of-proc

I need to get access to the object model of an EXISTING running instance of IE (version 4 or later) that the user launched.  I want to be able to get events and control that instance of the browser, and I'm doing it from another executable...not from an embedded ActiveX control.   Anyone have any ideas?

This is really urgent, hence the points  :-)
Thanks much!

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chensuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
HOWTO: Connecting to a Running Instance of Internet Explorer

Keeping an Eye on Your Browser by Monitoring Internet Explorer 4.0 Events
notacogmanAuthor Commented:

That was right on target.  I'm out of points, but I'm wondering if as a charity you might point the way to how to do the same thing in Netscape?

Thanks SO much for such a speedy and relevant answer!

It is not a matter of points. I really don't know how to do it with Netscape. I am even not sure if it is possible. There are two Web sites that might be helpful for you.
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