Rundll32.exe lockup

What would cause Rundll32.exe to stop resonding when
HewlettPackard's new Instant Delivery program tries to
print a file off the Internet in HTML format? When the
program downloads and tries to print MS Word docs, rtf
or pdf files, there isn't any problem. Using IE5 as the
default browser.
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satwaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I post my comments as the one that led him to be able to
correct his problem, and answer his question.
You probably have two programs set up as your HTML editor, and they are
conflicting with each other.

One of my customers had the same problem as you, he had Netscape and
Microsoft Word 97 both set up as the  HTML editor.  We cured this by
removing Microsoft Word 97 through ADD/REMOVE programs, re-installing it
and answering NO to the install question: 'DO YOU WANT TO USE WORD AS

Copy an HTML file to an empty directory. Go to that directory in Windows
Explorer and double click on the HTML file and see what happens.  What ever
program opens the file is set as the Editor.  Remove that program via
ADD/REMOVE Programs, re-install it, but do not set it as your HTML
editor if you want to use the HEWLETT-PACKARD program as your HTML
Asta CuCommented:
Since you're using Windows 98, and I assume you keep your system files updated via WindowsUpdate, etc. with fixes and enhancements.  Have you tried just changing what program and path is called to OPEN the file?  This synopsis from Windows 98 Help:

To change which program starts when you open a file

In My Computer or Windows Explorer, on the View menu, click Folder Options.
Click the File Types tab.
In the list of file types, click the one you want to change.
Click Edit.
In Actions, click Open.
Click Edit.
In Application used to perform action, enter the program you want to use to open files that have this extension, and then click OK.
The settings for selected file types are shown in File type details.
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Asta CuCommented:
By the way, have you tried Start - run - SFC, to check system files and replace/restore problem files from source?  When you installed the Instant Delivery app/interface, perhaps key files were replaced.  This link to the MS Knowledge Base for Rundll32 type errors may be helpful as well.

dennywhiteAuthor Commented:
Sure appreciate all the quick answers. Led me to switch to Netscape as my
default browser after I tested it for its printing abilities on the 3 main types of
files that HP Instant Delivery sends; pdf, rtf & html. Using Netscape 4.61 and
had no problems at all, so the original problem must've had to do with the
file associations and too many programs trying to open/print the files.
Generally you will find that you have less problems using Netscape 4.61
as your browser, than anything else.
Check the pages if experts exchange and see how many problems are posted
from people using Internet Explorer, then check the Internet as a whole, you will
see far more people asking for help with problems with IE than with Netscape.
dennywhiteAuthor Commented:
Like my son says, "Netscape Rulez!" <g> Thanks for all the help.
IE5 strictly used now to test pages I write for the web for compatibility.
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
satwa, I saw you've posted several times just mentioned << Check the pages if experts exchange and see how many problems are posted from people using Internet Explorer, then check the Internet as a whole, you will see far more people asking for help with problems with IE than with Netscape. >>.  Are you working for Netscape?

Most of the questions about IE are those people having 2 browsers and running simultaneously or intermittently (IE and Netscape, problem arising which one is the default? and mix up the computer).

There is not much questions about a user just use either IE  or just use Netscape solely.

If you're a solution specialist, take each occasion as a specific and unique one and try to help the captioned questioner. I'm not Pro IE nor Pro Netscape. Just be a straight-forward problem-tackler.    pslh
No I am not working with netscape, but I have had many customers who have had bad experiences with IE, and so far none, that have had any problems with
Netscape, I though at first that it just might be isolated instances, until I
started joining in on experts exchange and saw here many many instances of
problems with IE, so I started visiting the other problem sites, and I found the
same thing, most of the people that had browser problems were having them
with IE.  I have IE myself on one computer with WIN 98, and I have far more
problems with it than with netscape 4.61 running on another computer
with Win 95.  I use this IE to try to simulate the problems that my customers
call in about.  I have had more slow downs, lock ups, GFPs, Invalid Page faults
etc., myself with IE than with Netscape.

I also use andother browser called OPERA 3.6 from Norway, and it is better
than Netscape, but I never recommend it, as it costs $35.00 and I have found
that most of the people, want to get there browsers for free.

I have not been able to determine exactly why these faults occur with IE, but I
always advise people with problems to use Netscape 4.61, as it has worked
for a lot of people that I know.

I have friends and customers who swear by IE and say they never have any
problems with it, so I have developed a theory about this, (I MAY BE WRONG),
but I believe that IE runs much better on some computers than it does on others.
The poeple that have the computers or whatever that IE works well on, do not
need to change, but I believe that if you are constantly having problems with
IE, and you install Netscape 4.61 and the problems go away, then Netscape
must work better with your setup.

Think of it like this, if you had problems with IE and you take your computer
in to have it checked out, and the TECH GUY spends 5 or 6 hours or longer
trying to solve IE problems, and still can't get it to work right, and another one
installs Netscape 4.61 and tests it and it works and he has only spent an hour
on it, wouldn't you prefer the Netscape solution, if for nothing else but for the
cost alone.

It is for all these reasons that I recommend Netscape.
Asta CuCommented:
That the beauty of this E-E forum; so many diverse experiences and varied environments, and the fact that "THE SOLUTION" remains in that great place called "IT DEPENDS".  The complexities that are created by all the customization options in today's HW and SW environments are awesome, since sometimes just the order of loads can create a different outcome.  Love it!

Thrilled a solution was found for you, and am grateful for what I continue to learn along the way.

dennywhiteAuthor Commented:
Can't believe the great help. Thanks to all. Netscape is still functioning without
a glitch. Have a theory about individual computers too. I have a Gateway G6400
and it is very finicky about everything. I tell people about problems that I'm having
with certain programs and their usual response is "gee, works great on mine!"
Still, with a DVD/CDRom, a network card & hub, a software driven a/b switch
between a Star 2410 printer & a HP 722C printer, a modem, & a USB port HP
scanner, a HP cd writer, as well as beaucoup programs with all the inherent
dangers like having dll overwritten with older versions, etc., I'm lucky it all works
together as well as it does. Thanks again to all.
Asta CuCommented:
Sounds like you too enjoy the possibilities, and are willing to 'push the envelope' and 'test the limits', much like we.  Great, huh?

Glad you've found satisfaction!
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