is it possible to....??

a newbie question-
im thinking of installing linux on my (hitherto solely)win98 pc.
i was wondering is it possible to download filessuch as utilities etc. when on the net in linux and use them in windows ??or does their having diff. file sytems prevent that???
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tmossConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK. By the way, the filesystem type for the fstab entry is vfat
sorry if i didn't get what you wanna do: running precompiled linux apps in windows? that is generaly not possible (except for using a linux environment in a vmware session)

for some apps/utilities/servers this may be possible if you install the gnu c compiler on windows, get the source of the apps (which must have a windows port of course) and by compiling it.
you can mount your Windows partition(s) under Linux and move files to them so they will be accessible when you start Windows. The Linux partition(s) will not be available under Windows so make sure save anything you need to the Windows partition(s) before exiting Linux
Yes it is possible.  In fact I do it all the time.

In your /etc/fstab you need to make entries based on what filesystem type you want to mount, their mount point (a subdirectory of some sort from /) and the device which is being represented /dev/hd??

if you don't know the device check the partition tool
fdisk (linux-tool)
be careful not to change anything but it will tell you the dev entry for the /etc/fstab file.

as far as the filesystem type I believe it is fat16 or just fat.

you should then be able to do a mount /(mount-point)

check the man pages for more details..

shishirkAuthor Commented:
sorry leimy ur answer was perfect but tmoss answered in before u  so i gotta accept answer...tmoss post ur comment as a qn. wudcha??
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