SDSL Modem Drivers for Redhat 6.0

Has anyone set up xDSL with Redhat 6.0?  Is this feasible?  The SKU# for the 3COM SDSL Modem is:  80-003525-00

Thanks in advance.
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sane101999Connect With a Mentor Commented:
xDSL is pretty painless with an external DSL modem or router.  You will need a 10baseT NIC (< $10) and an Ethernet cable of the sort that the DSL modem expects (regular or cross-over; consult the modem docs or buy one of each).  Your DSL provider may give you a static IP address and default router, which you can set up via the RedHat "control-panel" interface, or may tell you to use DHCP on that Ethernet interface (also configurable through "control-panel", although you may have to add a line to your /etc/rc.d/init.d/network which runs /sbin/dhcpcd, which is the DHCP client daemon).

Depending on your kernel configuration, it may automatically notice the NIC when you install it, or you may also have to add a line to that same script which runs a command like "modprobe ne" (to install the driver for an NE2000 clone, which is the most common sort of cheap 10baseT card).

Hope this helps.

- Michael K. Edwards
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