Creating TCP/IP Lag for testing -- how?

How can I create lag between two LAN IP addresses to simulate a bad connection of a LAN?  (something ~800ms)

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jesperkehletConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have a lot of de-tuning parameters, that you may use to degradate performance. I suggest you look at as well as you can start out with:


Enter a value named "GlobalMaxTcpWindowSize". Make it a DWORD value of 1460 (decimal radix). That will effectively set your system networking down. Then, also set DWORD TcpDelAckTicks to 0. That will ACK each and every packet received.

That should start you off...
Oh just use AOL instead of the LAN, you'll get all the lag you need and then some :). On a more serious note, you could try some silly things such as a couple 300 Mb file transfers and a ping flood all running in parallel, ought to generate a generous amount of collisions and lag. I'll look for a specific utility to achieve this effect, but I'm not familiar with anything offhand.
VBDesignsAuthor Commented:
Actually, I'm just coding the delay into the sending and receiving of the applications...  Seems to be working very well!
Try a subnet mask of
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