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What steps are necessary, and who can give me assistance in decompiling a VB program all the way back to source code / plain english?  I am prepared to prove my legal right to decompile the program and pay for the services to achieve same.  Thank you.
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vettrangerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you use the new Search function to search "Decompile", and read every answer, you'll find that there is a great concensus, with a good number of technical explanations attached, that this can't be done.

Back in VB versions 2 or 3, when the code was still interpreted, this was possible. By version four, when it was translated to P-Code, it started to become impossible.

By version 6, VB executables are identical to VC++ executables.

You can use a disassembler, but this isn't going to produce a satisfactory result for you if the objective is to reconstruct the VB source code.

In fact, there are two reasons to make a program into an executable. One is to provide running code better optimized to run fast on the machine, and the other is to protect the original source. There are none of us here who would like people 'decompiling' our executables and then using our source, so we're glad its not possible to do this.

Unfortunately, that means that even in the case where you own the rights to the missing source, you're still out of luck. Prevention of this situation is why I keep a backup CD of my source in a safety deposit box, replaced every few days.

I know you're not going to particularly like this answer, and will want other opinions (which you will get), but they won't have any better news attached.
newnewbieAuthor Commented:
Please contact me as soon as possible.  Thank you.
vettranger is right and, if I knew my hard work could be decompiled by anyone, I would be doing something else.

newnewbie, this question is asked quite often in all the programming areas and the answer is always the same: NO, IMPOSSIBLE.

If you are an Assembly expert, you could disassemble the VB program and rewrite the source from the Assembly sources. But then, if you were an Assembly experts, you wouldn't be making such question.

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There's a guy called DMITRI  (He is Dodi's friend. The Creator of the VB3 decompiler) that created a  decompiler for VB5. It does not recreate source code, but you will be able to restore forms, and all the resources from the EXE (forms, code, etc). There is no way to decompile the source code using only a software today. Forms, buttons, frames, etc can be easyle recorver if you take  a closer look at the EXE using a HexEditor.
 His page has been down for a few weeks (same thing with Dodi's page on AOL), so  I know it wont help you, but  here is the URL:
Anyway. I know that Dodi can decompile PCode if you prove him the EXE is yours and of course he will charge for it...
>but you will be able to restore forms, and all the
>resources from the EXE (forms, code, etc).

Well, that's easy stuff. Even I have written an application that does that, and I am no full-time hacker. The application I wrote is called Resource Explorer and can be downloaded from:

It not only gives you full access to all the resources in any Win32 EXE, DLL, OCX, VXD, etc, but it also gives you a list of exported functions, list of imported modules and what functions the file imports from each module.

The only drawback is that the help file is a little outdated.


newnewbieAuthor Commented:
I would like to thank those parties who have provided an answer or made a comment in regard to my original question.  It occurs to me now that additional information which should have been included in my original question is that the program which I need to have decompiled runs in DOS, not under windows.  Will someone please advise if this makes matters better or worse in terms of the possibility of decompiling.  Thank you.
newnewbie, how do you know it is VB application? If you are sure it was written in VB-DOS, I think there is no decompiler.

simonet, nice Resource Explorer. I like this idea:
'You can easily "borrow" any kind of resources from other files and add them to your own applications' :)
Thanks, ameba.
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