MSComm Sending Problem

We're using the MSComm control to connect to a telecom switch.  For testing purposes, we attempted to simulate the responses by connecting to another PC running HyperTerminal.  The other end connects (the control properly sent the ATDT strings to the modem) but subsequent strings sent (through MSComm.Output) does not produce any result.

Any ideas?  Help is greatly appreciated.

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mcriderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
put a "DoEvents" in your code after you write to the serial port...

Also, check your connection by connecting HyperTerminal on both systems... If they can talk, it's your program and most likely the doevents will solve it.
Are you sending a VbCrLf at the end of the transmission?

I would also get ahold of the old windows 3.1 Terminal Program.  It really does a better job in this kind of testing.

ealvaAuthor Commented:
We did that. :-)  Nothing comes out.  We're pretty sure that there is no problem with the other end (HyperTerminal).  On the app side, the ATDT string comes out of the serial port.  The problem is during subsequent outputs.
ealvaAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Actually, we found out that the modem is the problem. Sorry for the delayed response.
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