gridnik font

where i can find gridnik font (from the arena magazine)
it's a font of "the foundry"(from U.K.) i'm not sure.
Mille merci
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zeetreeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Gridnik is produced and available from
Foundry, The (David Quay and Freda Sacks) •••••

Designed by the reknown designer Wim Crouwel, there are a total of 8 weights available.

Gridnik Light + Expert
Gridnik Regular + Expert
Gridnik Medium + Expert
Gridnik Bold + Expert

The regular version is also available as part of the Archetypes Series Three set.
chrispiaAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
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chrispiaAuthor Commented:
First, excuse my english, i am french
Sorry, really sorry but no gridnik font in the font pool.
gridnik is made by a company apparently call "the foundry".
the font is based on a design by wim crouwel (a famous designer in Holland ).You can see the font in the fashion magazine "Arena".
The font's company were distributed in france
by "signum Art" a distributor. but not now!
It'all i known. THANKS
chrispiaAuthor Commented:
Excellent ! merci mille fois.
I went to the foundry studio site, but I did'nt find the experts.
Does they realy exist or is there an other way to find out?
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