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boot process

I'v got a bootable 98 disk with a special dos program that gets executed via the autoexec.bat. When the program ends it restarts the computer. How do I modify io.sys, master boot record, or the master boot code on the floppy previous to the restart to tell the bios to boot from the hard drive instead of the floppy? I'm using Borland C++ 4.5.
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backdrafAuthor Commented:
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Don^t think that this possible (on a INTEL PC with a MAC there would be no problem) since the booting sequence is determinated by the BIOS. The only way I see is to alter the BIOS entries.
Simply remove the floppy disk when rebooting. Your bios should boot off the hd.
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TO DVB. Sure this would be simplest method. But I don´t think that this is the answer backraf awaits.
    in an ans. some guy gave a program to reset the
bios .
in dos ..
he claimed it resets the bios ... hope this help u...
what u can do is put the executale in the  autoexec.bat just before the program u want to run .... this will put the bios boot sequence to (c a scsi)default... which is what u want...
If that is what I think it is, it will not help at all. It will still boot from the floppy if there is one in A:. Besides, it might mess up some user personal BIOS adjustments.

I don't think it's possible to transfer the booting sequence from the floppy to the hd, because the BIOS has already been informed that there is an executable boot sector on the floppy.
tell me your mail address. I'll send a boot sector for the FD that boots the HD.
backdrafAuthor Commented:
For example the 98 cd when booted to while give you the option of booting to the cd or the hard drive. Granted there may be something in the el torito standard that may make this possible when booting to cds, I don't know, but if I can find out exactly how Microsoft is able to let you choose your booting device after post then I can incorporate it into my scenario.
You don't need to modify the MBR or IO.SYS (and in fact, as some folks have pointed out,  it won't help).  All you need to do (and I say ALL guardedly here), is get into real mode (you may already be since you booted from floppy), load the MBR from the HD into memory, and jump to it.

Each computer/HD has a slightly different MBR, but in general they are all the same idea, and they need to be loaded into a specific memory location (2200 I think, but my memory is a little stale here).

If you look at the MBR, you will see the partition table followed by the actual boot code.  All it takes is to reproduce the BIOSs activity - load the MBR and execute it.
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