PING: transmit failed, error code 10091

Recently I was installing Nic cards (pcmcia) on a laptop with Win98 and on a desktop with Win95 (PCI). After configuring TCP/IP with the Network settings I tried to ping and was replied with "transmit failed, error code 10091; these were the only two machines that had this failure, all others worked fine with the same configurations and Nics.
Can anyone enlighten me as to what is the cause and cure for this failure. I am sure it is not the Nics or the drivers. Maybe some files missing or corrupt. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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that error code is given when the network card is not well installed.. try unninstalling and reinstalling it.. just the network card
paullukeAuthor Commented:
Tried that, installed using Wizard and manually through Dos. Actually installed different Nics three different times. Still same error.
This indicates a problem with Winsock.Try installing the Winsock 2 upgrade from Microsoft.
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ON the Win95 machine if upgrade Winsock2 does not help, try to run ws2bakup.bat in C:\windows\ws2bakup directory
check your HOSTS and LMHOSTS files and see if the entry... Local host

is in there.

just a question, but did you try to use just netbeui to see if the machines could see each other....Also, did you try something like comcheck to see if the hardware is seeing each other at the machine level with no OS installed?
pete_perry.. could you see 

you answered my q... but you didn't give me enough information so I unlocked it.. could you please look at it ?
paullukeAuthor Commented:
I tried running ws2bakup.bat on the Win95, it didn't seem to make a difference, but I think this is where the answer lies. I am really interested in why this would be the cause. These machines come from different locations, is it possible winsock is just missing or needs upgrading? What could have happened to the original winsock?
I had another one today with
Ping: Transmit failed due to error 10043, any ideas.
I understand now both errors are winsock errors, but how do I cure this?
you run ws2bakup.bat when booting only to DOS, right? It won't run correctly if running within DOS prompt windows of Win95.  One of the file is locked by the OS.
paullukeAuthor Commented:
I didn't know that, I will attempt it directly in DOS on Monday. Thanks
PSS ID Number: Q191064
Article last modified on 02-10-1999

You may experience the following symptoms when you attempt to use a Transmission
Control Protocol/Internet Protocol-based (TCP/IP-based) utility or program:
 - When you attempt to use the Winipcfg utility, you receive the following error
   Fatal Error!
 - When you attempt to ping a Web site name or TCP/IP address using the Ping
   utility, you receive either of the following error messages:
       - Bad IP address <Web address>
       - PING: transmit failed, error code 10091
 - When you attempt to load a Web page using Internet Explorer, you receive the
   following error message:
   Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site <Web address>. A
   connection with the server could not be established.
 - When you try to uninstall Microsoft Personal Web Server 4.0, you receive the
   following error message:
   WINSOCK2 is required to run this setup utility. Please click OK to exit
This behavior can occur if you attempt to uninstall the Winsock 2.0 update for
Windows 95, but it is not uninstalled completely.
To resolve this behavior, follow these steps:
1. Click Start, point to Programs, and then click MS-DOS Prompt.
2. At the command prompt, type the following commands, pressing ENTER after each
   where <windows> is the folder in which Windows is installed.
   NOTE: If you are prompted to abort, retry, or fail the operation, press A.
   This causes the Ws2bakup.bat to continue restoring up all the necessary
   NOTE: If you receive sharing violation error messages when you run the
   Ws2bakup.bat file, continue with step 3.
3. Click Start, click Shut Down, click "Restart in MS-DOS mode," and then click
4. Repeat step 2.
   NOTE: If you receive error messages when you run the Ws2bakup.bat file stating
   that some programs cannot be run outside of Windows 95, disregard them.

Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1999.


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Tim HolmanCommented:
Is this error intermittent ?
If loopback tests fail intermittently, then some sort of temporal displacement of your IP stack is taking place !
At the time of failure, can you ping anything else ?
How do you workaround the problem - wait a few minutes, reboot, or something else ?
Do you have w95 + service pack 1, followed by driver installation from 'normal' w95 CD ?
Try installing the sp over the top once you've installed IP.
rather than going and just listening to microsoft, did you ever run the diagnostic test that come with the nic.... they tell you if the card is installed and working at the hardware level. If the card is working, do an echo/ping test between that machine and another machine with its diagnostic software. That verifies that the hardware and physical connection are good. Then it is time to get the latest drivers for the NIC, if that doesn't do it, then remove all the networking items from windows, reboot, and install them again, run all the microsoft updates, install the nic drivers, and at this point you should be working assuming no IRQ or IO port conflicts

The error code you get means that the network subsystem is unavailable and that the protocol is not supported. So, something is definitly wrong with your network configuration. Have you tried this: ?

1. Remove *ALL* components from Control Panel/Network
2. Reboot
3. Install NIC driver
4. Reboot
5. Install TCP/IP protocol
6. Reboot

If this doesn't work either, simply reinstall windows on top your current installation. The only thing you will lose is your device drivers (such as video, sound, network, etc -drivers). It's a boring solution, I know, but many times it saves you a lot of pain. This might also be the best solution if you've been messing around with WinSock 2 =)

Rave Guru
paullukeAuthor Commented:
The error codes are Winsock errors. I do not know the history of the machines in question. So I don't know why Winsock would be partially uninstalled.  I am currently on Jury Duty so unable to reinstall winsock to determine if this fixes it. I like hiandras' answer but need to proceed with fix before honoring him with the solution points.
Any more information regarding winsock would be appreciated. Websites offering information would help.

The errors are WinSock errors INDEED, and WinSock is dependent on the network subsystem, which means the problem may or may not be WinSock, but for sure the network subsystem. No matter what you do to WinSock, it wont work if the subsystem is thrashed. Now, to ask why the subsystem doesn't work.. well.. Microsoft Windows...  do I need to say more ?  Those things just happens! The suggestion I gave you revives the n/w subsystem 9 times out of 10 =)

Rave Guru
paullukeAuthor Commented:
I liked Hiandras answer because it gave additional explanation. It worked as a cure for the condition I experienced on both machines.
RaveGuru also helped however, his response to Windows ailments are old. They don't mean anything anymore since we're now married to this OS.
We can no longer complain about our marriage with Windows. We have to develop a more clear understanding of eventual problems and undertake to overcome them by contributing to the marriage rather than exploiting it. Marriages last when they have a sense of humor.

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