wavemix.dll and d3


under d3/win98 i want to use the wavemix.dll from microsoft.
how can i do this ?
and where is a description of the programs inside wavemix.dll ?


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IndefreiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, titz
I'd like to get some points
but i'd also like to know, what you think about directsound,
so, please give your impressions also

Hi, Mike
what about updating your family pictures every lets say six month
espacially of your son growing up (supposing, you are addicted to computers(and Delphi, of course) for the next ten years

Here is all you should need (apart from the Delphi translation of the header file):


The header file is actually 124 lines long, so this isn't really hard work to translate it for Delphi.

Ciao, Mike
titzAuthor Commented:
hi mike,

that is all in C, not D3. i understood nothing.

hope for help !
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that's what I wrote you. You need to translate the few function prototypes to Delphi just as you can see in Windows.pas etc. (DLL binding). It isn't really much work but a good entry point into the world of using C stuff in your programs. The farther you come in programming the more you will have to use C/C++ code and translate it for Delphi. There are a few tools to translate header files to units. Just go to www.delphi-jedi.org or Dr.Bob (http://www.drbob42.com/) to download a header translator.

Ciao, Mike
There is a translation of wavemix into delphi called Dwavemix by Carlos Barbosa
available at the delphi super page


 i would not recommend to use it
the sound isn`t really save,
but the code is very interesting

better you try

Delphi DirectSound v1.2 for Delphi 3 and 4

                                Copyright (c) 1998, 1999 Carlos Barbosa

Delphi DirectSound is a set of objects and functions for Borland Delphi 3.x and
Delphi 4.x that encapsulates all the functionally of the DirectSound™ component.
This version of Delphi DirectSound supports versions 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 5.0 and 6.0 of

The Delphi DirectSound allows Delphi programmers to use DirectSound in a
simplified way by using Delphi native objects and not COM objects. Exceptions are
raised for interface methods where an error code is returned.

By convention any result code from an interface method different from DS_OK
raises an EDirectSoundError exception, but in many cases, where an error code
may be considered normal, an appropriate error code is returned where specified.
This is done specially for performance reasons because an exception raising may
stole considerable time in time-critical operations.

This product is freeware but includes no source code. To order the source code see
the readme.txt file included in this package.

If you have any suggestion, comment, bug reporting or question please contact the
author by email to cmab@digiserve.com.

The latest version of this product can be downloaded at

This help IS NOT in any way a tutorial for developing DirectX applications. It is
highly recommended that you have the Microsoft DirectX Software Development Kit,
which is available at http://www.microsoft.com/directx.

The registration is available for $15 US.

What registering will get you:
* Full source code sent via email.
* Free upgrades.
* Free email technical support.
* A feeling that you did the right thing.

What happens now with this question?

Ciao, Mike
titzAuthor Commented:
hi mike,
i did not forget the answers. but there were some very interested things i
want to look at the described pages.
and i tried to understand what the authors did.
i will tell my results in the end of this week.

and a bit detailed, please

Hi, Mike
really nice family !!

but you as little big Mr 'Sledgehammer'  in the manner of good old Blues Brothers :O --> (hope you know the tv show)
somehow a special wedding picture
with best wishes

Hi Indi,

thanks :-) Yes, I know Blues Brother (saw a movie here in Germany).

"... somehow a special wedding picture ..."
Mmmh, aren't we all special? ;-)

Best wishes to you too!

Ciao, Mike
titzAuthor Commented:
hi mike,

thanks to your answer but it was not that kind of answer i was looking for.
i do not want to learn C, we are here in the delphi-corner. ok?
i think Indi should have the points for under those addresses he gave, i found some very interesting stuff. it is not a correct answer to my question (for it is no solution to wavemix.dll) , but under the given answers it is the best.
i have the feeling i must find my solution without wavemix.dll but with some delphi-code.

i think, i will solve my problem by some code from carlos (but i have to discuss some questions with him in near future).

thanks to all who thought about the problem


as soon as my new machine arrives (you know, with that Athlon 600 and a GeForce 256 :-)) I'll also have a scanner right on my desk (had to scan the other pictures at work...) Then I'll also update the private page regulary (geeze, it's online since May...).

Ciao, Mike
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