Can anyone please..... let me know as to how I should install Motorola cyber modem in the linux operatin system.
I would be very happy if u could let me know in detail as i am a novice in linux operating system.
I have already installed the 3com 3c509 ehternet card into it but i do not know how to install the cable modem
please help.
Thanks in Advance.
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czizzaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I also have a cable modem and these are the things I had to do to successfully implement the connection:

1. Recompile your kernel to support your 3c509 card as either a module or built-in device.
2. After your reboot, verify that you can see you new nic card.
3. Configure DHCP Client, depending on your distribition you might have either or both utilities (dhclient of dhcpc), see your man pages.
4. Verify your network connection to your cable modem. Most cable modes are DTE devices as well as your 3c905 device (most HUBS are DCE devices). Therefore, if you do not get a link light on your modem you will need a null ethernet cable. Your cable company can supply you with this cable.
5. If you have a link light, then start up your dhcp client software and watch the lights on the card. You should see the transmit light followed by a receive blink (10 - 20 seconds) and then chatter. If you don't, turn your cable modem off an on, my cable modem looks for the MAC address of the NIC card to respond back.

Once you get an IP address (see man ifconfig), you will need to configure your /etc/resolv.conf to allow DNS queries. Then you should be golden.

BTW, this is no different then setting up a normal NIC with DHCP on a local LAN. The only difference is getting the cable modem to recognize your NIC card.
My cable modem is attatched to my Linux box with a straight ethernet cable to the cable modem. My ISP uses DHCP, so I set it for that. Your ISP may have static IPs, though.
The general steps is
1) Recompile your system with support for 3c509,
2) Setup it up for DHCP client.

The detail steps depends on which LInux you are running,  go to the two URL below for instruction:

If your ISP uses DHCP or if your ISP uses static IP for your connection, you are OK.

If your ISP uses PPPOE, than you are more and likely out of luck.
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