Naming a background process

How do I assign a name to a background process?  For example,  I want to execute a script ./test & and I want to be able to find it using ps -ef |grep test.  Right now, if I  ./test &, a process gets assigned to it and I only see a -ksh for the name.
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elfieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
With interactively started programs, the name you type will be the name for the background process.

If you don't see the process anymore, the process has terminated.

Just try putting at the end of the script a "sleep 60", and execute the ps again. You must see it
scawthonAuthor Commented:
I still only get a -ksh.  But if I use nohup <filename> I see a -sh <filename>.

When doing the ps , you also see teh 'controlling' terminal.

try executing ps -ft 'controlling terminal'
it looks like "ps -ft pts/9"
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